Brockville Women’s Network 2014 Annual Achievement Award.

Each year, a member of Brockville Women’s Network is honoured with an Annual Achievement award for her contribution to BWN and/or the community. This year, the award was presented to Joan Burns.

Joan Burns has been described as 'one in a million', a 'self starter' and determined. She has always been one to go that extra mile, work that extra hour, give that last little bit and never say no to anyone. She will always help those in need, never leaves anyone to fend for themselves and always puts others before herself.
Quick with the wit and fast with the thread, she can sew anything for anyone and in record time. She makes everyone feel like they’ve been her best friend their entire lives, even though they may have only just met moments ago. She has a smile permanently planted on her face, always looks like she just walked out of a magazine and never seems to lose her ability to make everyone around her feel like a million bucks. Her energy, her zest for life and her winning attitude make everyone want to be around her.
If you need help with something she is there. If you have a committee and need help, she is there. Don't understand something, she will help. She exemplifies truth, honesty, compassion and love. She has definitely touched the lives of each and every woman in the Brockville Women’s Network.


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Annual Achievement Award Application

Applications are due May 1, 2016


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